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Let's skip My Passion For Writing and Everybody's Always Told Me I Should Be A Writer. If you're interested in this stuff, please write me an e-mail.

An Israeli doctor of biology who lives in Germany and writes in English—if you're still here, it means you don't consider this "unlikely".

Dozens of clients since 2011 can be wrong; but they're not in my case.


Scientific manuscripts get lauded for their language by journal editors | Company websites get cleaned of embarrassing mistakes | Slick copy compels and converts | White papers impress with style and exactitude | Blog posts inspire and stir.

Interested in any of this?

What I DO

I write and edit scientific manuscripts, articles, theses, guides, ebooks, grant proposals, presentations, protocols, product manuals and instructions, product descriptions, press releases, white papers, case studies, blog posts and websites for companies, institutions and individuals.

I appraise and write texts as a scientist. I'm interested in much more than grammar and sentence structure. I will ensure that your science topic is rigorously written and that it makes sense. I will confront you with flaws and inconsistencies.

As an experienced copywriter, I enable you to concentrate on developing your product and brandbe it a medical device, a new drug, a medical practice or a PhD program at a university—while I draw in the audience and make them stay.

I offer a premium service that time and again translates into professional success or conversion of potential customers. I charge accordingly, and must reject Upwork- and Fiverr-like jobs.

I specialize in science, health and medicine, but have written on almost every imaginable topic. Please inquire—I will never take on a job I'm not comfortable with.

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People say

It's not a coincidence that Hezi has been my exclusive go-to person in all matters related to text for over a decade. I've worked with agencies in the past, and this is just a much better experience. Hezi knows his stuff. He brings real value.

Dr Yariv Brotman Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
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